HVT – National Firearms Museum


Hey ya’ll. The Carver here with another installment of Horde Value Targets. Today we’re heading on over to a place steeped in American heritage. A treasure trove of history. Oh and GUNS. If you thought the Hawthorne ordnance museum was a blast, wait until you lay eyes on the National Firearms Museum.

National Firearms Museum – 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030


This place has over 7,000 pieces of hardware. We’re talking wheel-lock to cannon, Beretta to Barrett .50. They got guns that your daddy’s daddy’s daddy was out shooting Redcoats with. Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders fought the Spanish-American War with pieces in the museum. If it’s good enough for Teddy, it’s good enough for The Horde and certainly good enough for you.


So lets get down to brass tacks. The Fall has happened and the thin veneer of civility has given way to the animalistical side of man. Folks is beginning to have disagreements over canned goods and other items that might be useful since there ain’t been a delivery in about three days. Yes I said three days. I don’t think it’ll take any longer than this for people to start acting up. Maybe, but I doubt it. More likely it could be sooner depending on what situation set it all off. At any rate it’s here and folks are getting antsy. You’ll probably see that folks with guns are generally better off than folks without. We know this because that’s how it’s been through history. So gas up the Honda and drive like hell for the museum. Because GUNS are priority #1.











I’d much rather be on the street or riding in the bed of my Dodge pickup holding one of those bad boys above, instead of my jimmy. Not that it ain’t formidable.  But a high-powered rifle will make even the hardest of cases think twice before tangling with you. Plus you’re going to need one if you plan on going grocery shoppin’.

Where there’s guns there’s most likely security. You can count on anyone works for the NRA is probably highly trained in the art of marksmanship. But you can also count on the fact that they probably took what they could carry in their pickup and just went on home to protect their families. Now since it is a National Museum filled with centuries old weapons, priceless artifacts, and enough artillery to outfit your own private army, one might think the government at-large might dispatch a group of heavily-armed folks to defend the place from looters and the like. You know them Homeland Security fellas. This very well might happen, most countries that experience something like a societal breakdown generally send people to protect the national treasures and all that. So whether you try to crack that nut will be up to you. It all comes down to the 4 A’s of The Horde.

1. Arrive at the destination. (You were headed somewhere right?)

2. Assess the situation. (What’s it look like when you get there?)

3. Act Accordingly (With the Horde this usually ends up in a fight.)

4. Kiss your Ass goodbye. (It’s either that or you win.)

That’s all you can do, at least in the early going. I mean hell, you weren’t prepared for this. If you were you wouldn’t need to read up on Horde Value Targets. But since your here crack a beer and feast your eyes on these:












There’s some real outlaw stuff in there. Wild West, OK Corral, Remember the Alamo, Untouchables, St. Valentines Day Massacre, Scarface (Al Pacino, not the original, well ok that one too.) Heat and the Wild Bunch type of stuff.




I never went to a museum before the Fall and I know I’m taking you to a bunch of them now. But like my ex-wife used to say before I traded her, “Hank you got to think outside of the box.” I guess my old lady was right. See you next time.



Not my first Rodeo

Monkey boy !! monkey Boy ! Fetch me a book !
M B Sir your less than 10 feet from your bookshelf.
What’s the point of having a servant if he doesn’t serve ?
M B , Sancho I’m a loyal follower and an adviser not a servant
Sancho : It’s all the same we are not here to argue about apples and oranges so get me the damn book already it’s story time
MB I’ll get you the book but take note I’m filing a formal grievance with the union
Sancho: what the fuck are you talking about those no longer exist and when they were they were useless like you are being at the moment.
MB: that was harsh … well it was worth a shot,
Sancho : Give me the damn book….
Mb: Here sir,
Sancho : ok it’s story time everyone take a seat and shut the fuck up
MB I’ll grab you a drink your on one today…
Hello kiddies …now that your quite and I have your attention I’m going to tell you a story called not my first rodeo.
I was sitting at the bar, another stressful day Lots of women not enough men to pleasure them. Then finally a party of 10 came in. They look like they’ve been out in the wild for quite some time. You could tell by there social awkwardness they haven’t had contact with people in a long time. After a few rounds they loosened up they begun to pair off with the girls one by one, one by three, one guy took on four I sat back and thought of the sexual fortitude he must have, but then I noticed  the look of absolute desperation this was probably his last time with female company. I chucked as I saw who took who in. She likes to be cut, she likes Greek play, she’ll talk forever unless you cram it down her throat, and she is a Snuggler in forever search of her savior. So I sat at the bar drinking alone. I was approached by one of them. He spoke soft and confidently so I had to actually listen to what he was saying. I immediately knew he was a fucking homo. I could see in his eyes he wanted me to crush his guts I was flattered at the thought that this good looking fella wanted to suck my dick I was actually almost tempted… But it was too easy It was like shooting fish in a barrel. There was no chase no challenge.  So we drank on and on and he  tried to hide the fact he wanted me deep inside him. So We chatted about the old days and manly shit like the latest series of shovel race. He begun to realize I wasn’t going to give him what he wanted, he grew sad and desperate. I thought why would I? there would be no purpose or power play to it had he been straight maybe for Fun, I’d fuck him only because the thought of him hating himself afterwords and having to live with it would Make it worth it. But the fact that he was literally begging me to hump his heinie it really turned me off. The night progressed on and on he became drunker and drunker eventually slurring every word and losing all composure. I humored him and eventually invited him to my room. Only it wasn’t My bedroom it was the observatory where people pay top dollar to be voyeurs. I told him it’ll happen if and only if I could bring two women of choice. I called forth Abolinia and Chameel two of my best trannies. One was built like Conan the barbarian with a dick the size of a mini baseball bat, the other was a Asian woman so beautiful you’d swear up and down even if you saw her huge dick between her legs you would think it’s a prosthetic. We walked in the room He undressed and stretched out on the bed the girls jumped on him. He beckoned me over I said not yet I had to set the mood . I dressed the drapes lit the candles got some kisses from the ladies and walked to the balcony and  in my robe I poured myself a drink and drew the curtains. I sat in the dark watching the shadows and sileuetts dance in the candle light.

The Prepper Paradox

Howdy ya’ll Today we’re going to talk about what I like to call the Prepper Paradox. Folks join the ranks of preppers for all sorts of reasons. Some have a quest for knowledge, some do so out of fear, some are religious wackos, some are anti-government wackos, some have actual knowledge that leads them to prepare and some just like camping a whole lot.

 But one thing I’ve heard time and again in prepper circles and one thing I’ll never understand is the martial law thing. That somehow our government is preparing to impose martial law and subjugate the will and/or rights of the people. I have a few problems with this idea.

#1 Why would they do this?

The government already has us right  where they want us. Most of us already work too much and make too little. We live for the weekend and spend our two days off blowing the money we worked so hard for. In addition to that the government makes sure we don’t have too much money by taking 20 percent or so before we even get our check. Too much money equals free time and free time equals time to think. People thinking. Now that would be bad for the government. So they subsidize the modern roman gladiators aka the NFL and other large scale entertainment businesses to take our mind off of things. They’ve already got us in a gilded cage of sorts. A real cage would leave us no choice but to fight back. Just look whats happened in Egypt and Syria. Our government is way smarter than to push too hard.Just keep us fat and semi-happy and paying our taxes and caring more about the NFL than real world happenings and we’ll devise our own cage. No martial law needed.

#2 They ain’t got the man power

It’s popular in the prepper community to imagine a scenario in which a grid down or pandemic situation occurs and pandemonium takes place and local and state governments lose control. Now this is entirely possible. We saw a limited amount of this when Katrina occurred and the atrocites and mishaps that followed are well-covered. Even when mobilized for a limited scale disater like Katrina the federal government still failed to execute properly.

So that brings us to our subject. the Prepper Paradox. How could a government that couldn’t even quell a bad situation in one city, in one state ever impose martial law over the whole nation. The answer is they couldn’t. Now that shoots a hole right through your ideas about fightin’ the man for freedom because he’s takin’ away your rights. Merica’. Don’t it?

First – you have to get the whole of the armed services to agree to execute such an order. It’s going to be real hard to convince officers who swore an oath to defend this country from all enemies both foreign and domestic to subjugate their own people and shred everything the Constitution stands for.

Second - Even if you did get the officers to give such and order. It’s going be even harder to think that Billy from Peoria is going to stand a line in Kansas City and beat on/shoot people when some other grunt is doing that very thing to his parents back in Peoria. It still takes men with guns and those men can make their own decisions.

Lets say they did get the officers and all the Billy’s from Peoria to stand the line. The armed forces have only 1,426,713 personnel currently on active duty and a further 1,259,000 in the seven reserve components (wiki). Even if you add Homeland security that still doesn’t stand a chance against the over 300 million Americans that are going to have to submit to having their rights and safety taken away. Preppers can’t seriously imagine Americans being herded onto trains for transport to FEMA camps. Can they? Even if they do it’s just fantasy. i’m sure they also imagine themselves as one of the survivors of such a thing. because it couldn’t happen to them, right? Hey look pal, we’re all the heroes of the story we’re telling, namely our own.

A more likely scenario is similar to what happened in Iraq. The powers that be will most likely set up a safe zone/green zone where they can dwell in relative safety protected by the armed services/homeland security while the rest of us get to battle it out in what’s left of civilization. A constant fight for survival. A WROL landscape that the HORDE will prowl. While you’re still caught up in your own prepper paradox. Hank out.

Don’t Fear The Gear Giveaway #4

The winner of or February Don’t Fear The Gear Giveaway has decided to join The Horde. We’ll have to wait just a little bit longer to announce the winner of the SOG Seal Team Elite and our newly minted member.

That doesn’t stop us from announcing the Don’t Fear The Gear Giveaway for March. It’s a 2-year subscription to the Mother of all Gun and Gear mags :RECOIL


RECOIL MAGuntitled







That’s right gearheads. The Horde is giving away a 2-year subscription to the most badass gun and gear mag in existence today. All you gotta do is follow the instructions below. You can do that can’t ya?

The rules for entry into our Don’t Fear The Gear Giveaway are simple:

1. Click the link and FRIEND us on Facebook – The Horde Approaches

2. After you FRIEND us, email your name/Facebook to DFTG@anti-prepper.com for confirmation.

We’ll be selecting the winner at the end of March and announcing in early April on anti-prepper.com, Facebook, and Twitter. So get out there, follow our antics and get yourself with what’s going down in the world of gear.

And remember Don’t Fear The Gear. Fear The Horde.

the fine print:  

  • In the event you are selected as the winner, we will contact you via email for your mailing address. 



HVT – Bass Pro Shop

Folks it’s time for another installment of Horde Value Targets. Today is a place where all the gear you need for the activities near and dear to my heart. A place where wannabe outdoorsman yuppies go to feel like real men. If you don’t know where a decent off the beaten path tackle shop is or where to find outdoor gear, this is most likely where you’ll end up.

BASS PRO SHOP – 8200 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89139

Huntin' and Fishin' Heaven

Huntin’ and Fishin’ Heaven

I suppose if you could fortify this joint you’d have a pretty decent stronghold. But given the fact it’s attached to a casino and is near a major travel artery for California there ain’t a chance in hell you could. It’s going to be overrun in a matter of minutes when the fall happens. Hell they had an ammo buy there not long ago, a smokin’ deal on .22LR and it was cleaned out in short order. But I’m digressin’.

Got More Water than Lake Mead

Got More Water than Lake Mead

If you need to fill your canteen they got a 40,000 gallon freshwater fish tank filed with all kinds of fish, like that monster you see right there. Food and Water, two post-apoc staples. Good Luck gettin’ to ‘em. The BPS is goin’ to be Gladiator Central because of what’s next.

The Whole Shootin' Match

The Whole Shootin’ Match

Like any good outdoor store would, the BPS has guns and ammo, lots of ‘em. Think for a moment on what will happen when a whole bunch of folks go survival mode in a store filled guns, axes, and knives. Got that mental image yet? How’s it lookin’? Now if you’re into that sort of thing like I am, then the BPS will be a destination. But that’s where Ripple Time comes in. Don’t know about RT? Go back and read Big Blue Wave. Last up is my very favorite thing in the world next to shootin’….folks.

Star-Spangled Anglin'

Star-Spangled Anglin’

Fishin’, that’s right. The number one pastime of any redneck worth his salt. Hell you can pick up your rod and tackle and go fishing right in the store. If the shootin’ has died down enough that is. Now all we need is the beer.




HVT Throwback

Just when you thought we ran out Horde Value Targets to storm and pillage, we’re back to hit you with an oldie but goody. This week’s focus is the perfect weekend getaway for those Horde members living on the east coast. Situated just 5 hours south of DC and tucked away in the Allegheny Mountains sits the famous Greenbrier Hotel in Sulfur Springs, WV. This classic hotel was built in 1778 and has had some notable restorations in 1958 and then again in 2009. The hotel and grounds cover 6750 acres and the hotel itself has four golf courses and 710 rooms.

Luxurious accommodations for 2....hundred

Luxurious accommodations for 2….thousand

Now I know what some of you are thinking, West Virginia, really? I understand your concerns and the property does lie just 2 hours east of Boone County, home to the “Danc’n Outlaw” Jesco White himself(not to mention more than a few other upstanding citizens). The real beauty of the Greenbrier stems from its renovation in 1958 where an extra wing was added along with a massive 112000 square foot bunker meant to house all of Congress in the event of a nuclear war. Codenamed “Greek Island,” It is complete with 60 days of food and water plus meeting halls, cafeteria, chapel(my personal favorite), and bunkhouses.

The promise land sits beneath 3 feet of steel reinforced concrete

The promise land sits beneath 3 feet of steel reinforced concrete

Although decommissioned(and replaced with something that is a major contributor to the national debt) after a 1992 Washington Post reporter let the cat out of the bag, it still sits at the top of the list. In 2009 it was remodeled again for right under $50 million so it also houses many of the modern amenities and dining options myself and my congregation have grown accustomed too.

No sloppy, slimy eggs here

No sloppy, slimy eggs here

When the SHTF, meet me in the basement chapel of the Greenbrier, just remember to bring plenty of ammo for the collection plate.

WWJD(What Would Jesco Do)?,

The Rev






Bweef and Fly’d Lice

I was traveling around quite bit from one hell hole to another, not really in search of anything primarily just aimless wondering, most likely awaiting whatever tincture or narcotic I took to ware off. I stopped by a Saloon called The drunkin Master The name alone I thought was great, it reminded of the movie. As I approached the bar the sound of slurping of Soup and loud shouting which as we all know was basic communication in Asain culture. I entered the saloon Suddenly it got silent, two large Men wearing nothing but diapers and long folded hair stopped me as my foot stepped towards the bar. I grabbed one of there hands and begun shaking it saying hello. I’m a distant traveler from quite a bit aways and I was selling rubber bands and paper airplanes and I slipped past them and made my way to the bar. There were a bunch of dudes and maybe one or two females. They were all speaking what must have been some fucked up style of Japanese or something The room smelt of road kill with garlic not the sweet smell of the roasted garlic, but that of sweaty unclean man or woman. I approached the bar and asked what is that wonderful smell? A large white man wearing a kimono turned around saying heyro round eye how could he help me ? And did I know I was the first none almond eye to step foot on The property. I told him I’m not surprised I do a lot of amazing shit however it’s usually alcohol or woman driven. He chuckled and said its nice to spweak Engrish he could never practice. I asked him for a menu he said won plate. house spwecial, Bweef and Fly’d lice. I said Sold! I’ll take a plate. And what do you guys drink ? He said Saki I said I’ll try it. The Saki smelt of rubbing alcohol boiled with dirty socks. To no surprise the taste was just like the smell. Shortly after I just chugged the bottle, and a plate was brought forth. It looked like chunks of meat with fried bugs. Surprisingly the taste was pretty good. A slender yellow skinned (lightly yellow due to the early stages of jaundice) woman with all her teeth and they were tooth colored not black or yellow or missing) sat next to me. Time to get my fade on only this Sock shit wasn’t going to cut it I reached in my satchel and pulled out the Tequila bottle and poured her a shot. I told her this is what makes the panties drop. She chuckled and stated she’s drank with the best of them and isn’t afraid of me. I said you speak English and not Engrish she said yes she’s traveled quite a bit. We hit it off so we laughed and drank as the morning progressed into the afternoon. She offered me a room I said whats wrong with hers? She said her owner/ husband, the duke of Earl wouldn’t appreciate that. I sighed and said well i tried, but please keep in mind my invite is still there. She laughed and said playfully, however you’ll be staying in the adjacent room to me. She walked me upstairs i said “wait”, “shit”! I have to get my man servant. He’s been waiting outside all this time. I ran out side to the door and shouted Monkey Boy!!!! Monkey Boyy !! The Brainless retard walked out from behind the building with the horses and said “it got hot” and begun drooling I said “well is my horse OK? I’d hate for you to have to walk all they way home and give me a piggy back ride”. “Now get your dumb ass up to the Room and clean yourself then feed and water down the animals.
The room was nice, It was cozy they gave me a queen sized bed and I had a nice view with a small balcony that overlooked this shit hole. If it was one thing this town was it was fucking boring. It was late afternoon I haven’t heard one gun shot or woman or man scream. How in the hell was I going to sleep tonight? I walked down stairs to the bar again. She was there at the bar wearing a beautiful blue dress with flowers on it. She said Hello, your still standing ? I said that’s just a pre party and besides I have some get right. “So ugh… This place is quiet , does anything happen here? I haven’t heard a fight or gun shot all day”. She said “your the loudest and craziest thing that’s been here in a While”. “However they are about to start singing karaoke”. I thought fuck me, here we are in the future and the Asians still sing karaoke.
First person up was this little old Asain woman I haven’t a fucking clue of what she was saying while singing but she was trying to serenade me, it was cute, had I not be been so preoccupied with wanting to bang my yellow skinned princess I’d throw her a bone but there’s a goal at hand, I told myself “Sancho Son must stay focused”. Some of the singers it was easier to understand them while they sang but not all. I also realized that in some cases the song lyrics were the only English err Engrish they knew. We chatted and talked for hours sharing stories and both progressively getting drunker and drunker. More people chimed in asking questions she translated and we did one sock bomb the a gin bomb then Tequila. Soon the little Asian bodies started to hit the floor. I noticed a juke box I ran to it to see of it played .. Holyshit ! The blasted thing worked. Not much but a few songs. I cranked the volume and everyone was looking at me like I was a retard. I danced on the stool the sumos laughed I brought them shots they took them then begun to laugh a bit and relax. We continued to drink and dance and shout. I pulled out some dice I had in my satchel and introduced them to a game called Ceelo. Which is where you roll three dice and want to make pairs and tripps but the best hand to roll is 4-5-6 which is almost always a guaranteed victory. The Asians despite their bad luck and lack of a good judgement loved it. Seeing as how there was no currency everything based off a barter system I won a free bar tab and some extra supplies.
Before we knew it, It was the early hours of the morning. The bartender said he was going to sleep and we could just pour what we want. We chatted and I was working my way in to kiss her Suddenly there was a loud crash, smash or something, outside the window. She jolted up and had a look of fear in her eyes saying “Oh no he’s here.” I said who’s where? She said the duke. I said you puked? N no the duke of earl ? I said your going to hurl? No idiot, my husband! the Duke of earl! There was large shadow covered the entrance of the saloon I sat there drinking trying to figure out why everyone was so scared of this large individual. I’m thinking wait a minute… These guys are Asians or Chinese or some shit. Shouldn’t they know karate or sumthin? His foot steps shook the very ground as he approached the door opening it, his hand was at least three times the size of mine and his shadow appeared to be be at least 6’5. To be continued …

HVT … didn’t I get that cured ?

“I want to find out how deep you are and I’m not talking about a intellectual conversation . I’m going to bottom you out. Push you beyond your limit of physical pleasure. By the power of tequila I will get it done..”. His hand shuffles up and down under the blanket with a slight moan , ”Sancho Sancho ! Wake up ! “”Oh yeah … Jane you are a surviver… His hand furiously pumping away…  Sancho Wake Up ! Huh Monkey boy ? What the hell do you want barging in like this? ! Don’t you know I need my beauty rest ? this is my me time, my quiet time and it’s not my me time if your bothering me”. “Sancho our chef overdosed in the kitchen…. He dropped while making a batch and died”.

“Dammit Man, how long were you going to not tell me ? Did you think I wouldn’t find out ? How much of a methamphetamine supply do we have? ”
“About 47 lbs. or depending in how much you consume… Maybe up to a 6 month to a year supply.” Monkey boy said.
Shit… Well we have no other choice, we must find a new cook. This will be our High value target # 2 There’s a certain someone I know of in the former alberqurque New Mexico area… He goes by the name of Heisenberg. I believe his real name is Walter white. But Heisenberg is what all the addicts and dealers know him as.

The one, the only, the Master Chef of Meth

The one, the only, the Master Chef of Meth

Monkey boy… “Sancho he was a fictitious character that died in the end of the series, he died like a fucking G, but none the less he was a fictitious character he was also Malcom in the middles dad

Weak cowardly but funny non the less

Weak cowardly but funny non the less

Sancho :”So your telling me all those episodes I saw were false? Some pretense of a fictitious alternate universe ? For mere pleasure and entertainment ??
Monkey boy: that’s exactly what I’m saying
Sancho: then we will a capture Jessie Pinkman, Heisenberg’s former right hand man Hal or Heisenberg guy. He must be crafty and good to have so many alias’s

The lil bitch

The lil bitch

Monkey boy : sir he too… Fuck never mind yeah that’s a great idea Sancho. Let’s get him!
Sancho : clearly Jessie survived if I remember correctly the little bitch.
Monkey boy : ok sir we need a detailed map of the area and last known residences.
Sancho: get on it then we leave in the morning.. Sancho sat there pondering whomever you are, caring weak father, or ruthless drug kingpin you are mine ….

Dead Meat high valued target proceed with extreme caution We need this man alive!!

Dead Meat high valued target proceed with extreme caution We need this man alive!!

To be continued ………..





Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy


“Fear does not exist in this Dojo does it?”
“No sensei! “
“Pain does not exist in this Dojo does it?”
“No sensei!”
“Defeat does not exist in this Dojo does it?”
“No sensei! Strike first, strike hard, no mercy, sir“


Well those 80’s bad guy douchebags had it right. In the upcoming new world without rule of law, these are words to live by (literally). Because if you don’t take them to heart you will discover the alternative; at best all your hard won supplies will be stolen, at worse, slavery or death.
It is important at this point to delineate the difference between the world we live in now, and life after the shit goes down. Though these rules are certainly applicable now, as well in a life or death situation. Someone who is intent on harming you will do exactly that. They cannot be reasoned with. Too many times people who thought that they were moving through the natural stages of progression in an altercation ( i.e. you yell, I yell back, you push, I push back, you swing, I try to counter), fail. Those people who fall into that trap of a societal show of fighting get killed for the simple reason that the person attacking doesn’t need to take all those steps. Someone who can go from zero to stabbing you in the neck in 0.3 seconds. So how do you combat someone who has the ability to “turn it on” like that?


Violence of action, by striking first, causing a serious injury, and continuing to cause injuries until that person can no longer function.
Whether it’s a punch to the throat, a kick to the nuts, a bat to the head, or gouging out their eyes with your thumbs. Injure them severely and keep doing so one after the other to the point that their body doesn’t work any more.
Everyone you don’t know is a threat, and even some that you do. All contact with others must be treated as hostile if you want to survive.
Now in current times, this only applies to that 1% of psychopaths out there that live outside of society’s rules, but once the big blue wave goes down, it is literally every man for himself. No one is coming to rescue you. So my suggestion is simple, become that thing that others fear. If anyone comes poking around you and yours, end them, brutally, maliciously, and without mercy. Then hang their scalps from your belt. Intimidate the fuck out of any you see. Establish immediately whose world this is that they are living in. Become the baddest mother fucker in the valley, and people will think twice before trying to steal from you, let alone going near you. Ghengis Khan and all the barbarian hordes of the ancient world had one thing in common. The mere mention of them drove fear into the hearts of the populous, fear is an incredibly powerful motivator. Those that fear you can be coerced into just about anything. Why spend time cultivating crops, and stock piling food when it can be taken from others. Better yet make them slaves, take their women, and make them spend every waking moment providing for your needs. It worked for Ghengis, and it can work for you.


The Big Blue Wave

When I speak of the Big Blue Wave I am not speaking of a tsunami based disaster that would affect the coastline of the particular body of land. Rather I am referring to the departure of law enforcement from the post TEOTWAKI landscape.  As lawlessness grows and the ability to do their job effectively diminishes L.E. officers will abandon their jobs in order to ensure the safety of their families. This has taken place in past disasters most recently in Hurricane Katrina in which over 200 officers abandoned their posts. This is an inevitable event, even the most dedicated officer will ultimately realize that he or she is fighting a losing battle and will eventually punch out. This is The Big Blue Wave.

Brace Yourself. It's Comin'

Brace Yourself. It’s Comin’

The majority of the population depends on the police for protection. What they don’t realize is that police really aren’t there to protect you. Cops are there to clean up the mess. How often does a cop actually thwart a crime? They usually arrive to file a report and take pictures of the scene.  People behave mainly because the police can come and arrest you and throw you in jail. When the Big Blue Wave takes place this will no longer be true. But the majority of people will not be prepared for this event. They will wait in vain for someone to come to their rescue while the walls crumble around them.  Ones ability to identify and take advantage of the “ripple time” or that time between the punch out and the masses realization that a call to 911 no longer brings the cavalry will give a newly minted Horde member a significant advantage. For this is where a little initiative, a lot of boldness, and a strong stomach will make up for your lack of preparation.



Violence is the hallmark of the Horde. When you take the population and throw them into a situation where the rules no longer apply, Darwin takes over and violence will be the result. You will see things you never wanted to see and will be forced to do things you never thought yourself capable of.  Maybe you’re one of those who right now is saying “I would never live like that. I’m civilized.” If that’s the case, stop reading right here. “The rest of the Horde is already gnashing their teeth while they divvy up your goods.”  If you’re still with me we’re talking about the Big V. It has become the order of the day and the quicker you assimilate this fact the better of you’ll be. Food, water, shelter all the basic necessities we take for granted become things worth killing and dying for. It is a stark reality but it is your reality.  Avoid conflict and confrontation if you can. If you can’t, bring swift and hardcore violence . Plain and simple. Cut and dry. This is the time to build a reputation, hurt those who confront you. Hurt them  badly, burn them down…literally. Do it. The police aren’t coming to help anyone.



This is the point of recognizing when the Big Blue Wave first begins building, the “Ripple Time”. I call this ripple time because the first inkling you’ll have will probably come via new reports if the electricity is still on. The report will sound like sporadic looting. You’ll probably see people carrying plasma televisions, XBOX, and the like. The newscasters will report police in the area but just turn the sound down and watch.  Do you see any? Watch the people who are looting, do they seem harried?  What is the level of violence like?  I stated before people are on their best behavior when the police are around.  This initial ripple will help you to assess when you can make your move and get your loot. Food. Water. Weapons. Your initiative here will make up for your lack of preparedness and will make all the difference in how long you last.  In a larger scale TEOTWAKI event(dirty bombs/power grid failure) the ripple won’t occur at all. It will be panic off the jump. The police will leave almost immediately to ensure the safety of their families and get them out of the danger zone. All bets are off then make your move and get your loot. just don’t be one of the guys carrying a television when I see you out there.



The most important aspect of the Big Blue Wave, IS the Big Blue Wave or your local police department. The Police are uniquely situated to become one the most dangerous entities post TEOTWAKI. What do you think the result will be when you take a group of highly trained, well-armed  people who are touted as  the measuring stick of conduct for our society and put them in a situation where there is no oversight on their behavior? The news is full of reports of police misconduct, brutality and general bad behavior. This is with oversight or at least the illusion of oversight. We have set police up as a paragon of society and we give them a certain amount of leeway because their job is stressful and dangerous. This notion is pure bullshit. Is it stressful? Sure. Are cops dealing with violence? Yes. Are cops in danger from time to time? Yes. But guess what? They signed up for the job. Freedom of choice, jackasses. No whining after the fact. Cant handle it? Should have been a retail manager. In terms of injury and fatality on the job, police officer barely cracked the top ten.

Danger! Danger! We should get special treatment.

He's definitely resisting.

He’s definitely resisting.

Do we let fisherman or loggers get away with bad behavior because they’re job is dangerous? No we don’t.  They accepted the risk as part of the job. They don’t get to set themselves apart from the rest of us because of this. The fact is that it’s more dangerous to be blue collar than it is to be a boy in blue.  When the fall happens the last place I’d want to be is next to a cop unless of course I am a cop. They will do what we all will. Band together with people we know, pool our resources, protect our families, and try to survive. It just so happens that the police have at their disposal, weapons, training, manpower, a motor pool,  and last but not least the persona in the community as a helpful entity. Ripple Time is a double edged sword. What happens if everyone is looting and a cop approaches you? Is the fall complete? Is there anyone left in charge? What is this officer’s intention? Is he still doing his job or is he just looking to take you out?  These are all valid questions that one won’t be able to answer until they are in that time and place. The Horde does not condone violence against law enforcement but when they stop enforcing the law all bets are off.

Thanks, But No Thanks.

Thanks, But No Thanks.